Amino Acid Biostimulants for Turf

Aminaid should be applied before and during periods of stress that may affect the turf such as drought, temperature extremes, salinity or excessive wear.  


Amino acids are the building blocks from which proteins are made and essential to a wide range of metabolic processes essential to growth and plant health.


The amino acids stimulate growth and the continuity of the turfs natural defence systems, providing a boost when the plants might otherwise become overwhelmed.


Chelating and complexing abilities of amino acids can also improve nutrient availability and acquisition by the plant's roots. Plus by stimulating the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, amino acids can provide an overall boost to soil fertility, helping the plant become more efficient and potentially reducing fertiliser application.


Apply 2-3 applications 10-14 days apart during critical growth stages or during periods of stress.


Aminaid is a range of biostimulants based on 17 different amino acids that stimulate growth and boost protection against stressful conditions.

Amino Foliar Liquid Fertiliser

Amino Foliar Liquid Fertiliser is a specially designed formulation of amino acids for foliar application to supplement other fertilisers and turf chemicals. This formula is taken up by the foliage resulting in a greater tolerance to stress. Additionally, Amino Foliar aids the uptake of nutrients from the soil, improving the efficacy of other nutrient programs.


• Increases nutrient uptake

• Improves stress tolerance in plants
• Tank-mix compatible with a variety of products
• Increases efficacy of other fertilisers and turf chemicals


Recommended application rate: 5L/Ha in 300-500L of water/Ha

Available in 10L

Amino Root Liquid Fertiliser

Amino Root Liquid Fertiliser is a specially formulated combination of amino acids from two sources, with seaweed extracts, fulvic acids and a unique vitamin B package.

Recommended application rate: 10L/Ha in 300-500L of water/Ha

Available in 10L

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Aminaid amino acid biostimulant for sports turf grass
Aminaid amino acid biostimulant grass and lawn care

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