Granular Fertilisers for Turf

Velvit is a liquid fertiliser and biostimulant supplier for the turf care industry

The Command range of homogeneous granular fertilisers is manufactured to deliver nutrients evenly and consistently on the most demanding and valuable turf areas. Available in standard or slow-release formulations.

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Black & Green is a powerful granule containing high levels of both iron and magnesium. Its high level of iron causes moss blackening and intense green-up even at normal application rates.

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Standard Release Fertilisers

Perfectly matched and uniform 2-3mm particles, blended together to give an even spinner throw distance. For use on larger areas cut above 10mm, where cost effective applications are required, whilst maintaining professional, high quality results. This range covers the full growing season and supplies all the nutrients required.

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Homogeneous Fertilisers
High Iron and Magnesium
Controlled Release Fertilisers

Designed to release nutrients carefully over time, the Nutrilong range uses a very precise polymer coating technology to provide an extended supply of nutrition to the sward. Available as V90 for 3 month and V180 for 5-6 month longevity.  

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Velvit supplies granular fertilisers that are specially designed for the most demanding turf grass applications and recommended for golf greens, football pitches, rugby pitches, bowling greens, amenity turf, fine lawns and anywhere quality turf really matters.

Landscaping Fertilisers

Velscape fertilisers are designed to ensure the rapid establishment and healthy development of turf, trees and shrubs. The carefully formulated range of landscaping fertilisers will help the landscaper match the product to the requirements of the job, resulting in less wastage and greener, healthier plants.

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Granular Biostimulant Fertilisers

Onyx organic bio-stimulant fertiliser is an organic source of nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids. Onyx helps protect against stress and promotes recovery from harsh weather conditions and mowing.

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