Liquid Fertilisers and Biostimulants for Turf

Velvit is a liquid fertiliser and biostimulant supplier for the turf care industry

Seaweed Extracts and Fertilisers with Seaweed

Vel-sea seaweed extract can improve the health and establishment of turf year-round.


The Vel-sea range includes products that contain N-P-K fertilisers with added seaweed extract to work in conjunction with the applied nutrients, keeping your turf healthy, and prepared for the demands of professional turf management.

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Liquid Iron Fertilisers

Fortitude iron liquids are formulated for simple application, reliable green-up and correction of iron deficiencies, across a wide range of turf and soil conditions, and can be applied all year round.

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Amino Acid Biostimulants

Aminaid is a range of biostimulants based on 17 different amino acids that stimulate growth and boost protection against stressful conditions.

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Slow-Release Liquids

NMAXX liquids can provide up to 5 weeks of nitrogen availability and provide protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss - leaching, denitrification and volatilisation.

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Standard NPK Liquid Fertilisers

A range of high quality liquid NPK fertilisers providing targeted nutrition and simple, reliable application. A spectrum of quality formulations are available to cover a wide range of seasonal nutritional requirements. Suitable for spray application across a range of applications from sports turf, lawn care, agriculture and horticulture.

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Organic Biostimulant Fertiliser

Onyx provides not only the nutrition for growth and root development, but also provides a biostimulant effect to encourage germination, establishment and resistance to environmental stress factors.

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Velvit supplies liquid fertilisers that are specially designed for the most demanding turf grass applications and recommended for golf greens, football pitches, rugby pitches, bowling greens, amenity turf, fine lawns and anywhere quality turf really matters.

Horizon turf wetting agent logo 900 600.
Resolute turf wetting agent for grass lawns

A comprehensive range of turf wetting agents for a variety applications and budgets.

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Snappy Green complete turf fertiliser lo

A range of high-performance complete fertilisers offering a package of benefits for specific applications.

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