Organic Biostimulant Liquid Fertiliser

Onyx liquid is an organic biostimulant fertiliser. A rich black liquid, made from plant-based materials; Onyx provides high-levels of amino acids, plus nitrogen and potassium as well as phosphorous, trace elements and carbohydrates.


Onyx provides not only the nutrition for growth and root development, but also provides a biostimulant effect to encourage germination, establishment and resistance to environmental stress factors.


Packed with a natural cocktail of biostimulant substances it boosts the plants ability to cope with stressful conditions including drought, heat and salinity. Under stressful conditions the plant’s stress-response mechanisms can become overwhelmed, leading to dormancy and damage. The biostimulant effect can encourage the plant to keep growing and stimulates the natural stress-response, keeping the sward greener and healthier for longer.


Frequent, and small applications are recommended, helping develop a strong root system and ecosystem in the rhizosphere and keeping the plants fighting-fit ahead of any periods of stressful conditions.


The carbohydrates and organic substances in Onyx can also stimulate beneficial micro-organisms in the soil generating further benefits for soil structure and nutrient availability. Onyx can be applied all year round to boost plant health and condition ahead of stressful periods.

Onyx organic biostimulant fertiliser turf product

Rich in amino acids

Organic source of macro and micro nutrients

Enhances seed germination

Improves root growth

Promotes beneficial bacteria

Conditions against stress

Onyx Liquid Foundation

Organic biostimulant fertiliser

This bio-stimulant contains nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids. Helps to reduce stress in plants that can arise from weather, or from the overuse of pesticides and fertilisers. Using this product all season will increase the overall health of the turf, repairing damage and providing a high-quality turf. Analysis % (N, P2O5, K2O) 5.3-0.1-2.5

Recommended application rate 20 to 60L/Ha in 300 to 500L/Ha

Available in 10L

Onyx Liquid Iron

Organic biostimulant fertiliser with iron (Fe)

Onyx Iron is an organic plant-based liquid fertiliser with additional iron. The addition of iron
strengthens the turf and encourages green up immediately. Analysis % (N, P2O5, K2O) 4.6-0.1-2.0 +1Fe



Recommended application rate 20 to 60L/Ha in 300 to 500L/Ha

Available in 10L

Onyx Liquid Sugar Plus

Organic biostimulant fertiliser with carbohydrates

Onyx Sugar Plus is a sugar enriched product that develops the soil biology and greatly improves soil structure. This improves the health of the plant and further increases disease and stress tolerance. Analysis % (N, P2O5, K2O) 4.2-0.1-2.0 +16% Carbohydrates


Recommended application rate 20 to 60L/Ha in 300 to 500L/Ha

Available in 10L

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