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Early spring is an important time for turf care as grass emerges from the struggles of winter.

The ground is sodden and soil oxygen levels are low. A race is on against moss and fungal diseases, so it is important to provide the right levels of care to give the turf the best headstart for the rest of the season.

Keep any physical activity on the turf to a minimum to reduce compaction and damage to the plants, but be sure to provide aeration as soon as conditions allow.

Aeration is very important in early spring to increase soil gas exchange and improve drainage, stimulate roots and the soil ecology and make conditions less favourable to moss.

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Early spring is a good time for soil sample analysis to assess your nutrient requirements, allowing you to plan your fertiliser applications into the spring and summer.

The turf is going to be hungry for nutrients but it is important to be mindful of the nitrogen levels applied; too much can encourage soft growth that may be susceptible to frost damage and fungal attack in warmer, wetter periods.

An application of fertiliser containing controlled release nitrogen will gradually feed the turf what it needs without pushing it on too hard. The inclusion of phosphorous and potassium will help the turf establish a strong root system and strengthen the plant.

23-7-12+1.7%MgO 67%XCU (2-3mm) contains 3 sources of nitrogen including XCU Slow-Release Fertilizer for a balanced and controlled release of nitrogen along with essential macro-nutrients to support the turf during the spring. It is perfect for fairways, sports pitches and lawns as it it will help the turf recover after the winter, tiller and thicken rapidly, restoring condition to the sward.

Organic fertilisers require biological action to break them into plant-available nutrients. Early in the season temperatures may still be too low for the soil ecology to be sufficiently active, so mineral fertilisers are the appropriate choice for an early feed. As soil temperatures increase organic and biostimulant fertilisers will help to stimulate the soil biology, provide macro and micro-nutrients and even provide a boost to the plant's metabolism and tolerance to stress. Adding carbohydrates and amino acids provides the building blocks for plant growth.

Onyx organic biostimulant liquid fertilizer

The Onyx range of organic biostimulant fertilisers provides a selection of fertilisers rich in amino acids and carbohydrates as well as essential nutrients.

Apply as a foliar or root application for improved health, vigour and disease resistance. Onyx also helps the soil ecology recover after winter which can benefit the soil structure and availability of nutrients to the turf. Onyx Sugar Plus Bio 10 is a sugar enriched product that develops the soil biology and greatly improves soil structure improving the health of the plant and improving stress and disease tolerance. Onyx Sugar Plus Bio 10 has an analysis of 4.2-0.1-2.0 + 16%Carbohydrate.

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Seaweed has long been known for its beneficial use on turf, providing essential nutrients as well a bio-stimulant effect that like Onyx provides a general boost to plant health and encourages beneficial soil conditions.

Derived from Ascophyllum nodosum; Velvit supplies a range of liquid seaweed extracts and NPK fertilisers with added seaweed. 4-4-12 + 4% Seaweed is a useful early spring fertiliser due to the low nitrogen levels coupled low phosphorus and high potassium and added seaweed that strengthens and increases the hardiness of turf without causing unnecessary growth.

Iron fertilisers can provide powerful benefits to the turf in early spring with a 'hardening' effect, strengthening the cells, encouraging chlorophyll production and providing a dramatic green-up aesthetic benefit. 6% Complex Iron Liquid is the ideal product for spring with a gentle formulation and rapid effect.

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Velvit is a wholesale fertiliser supplier to the professional turf care industry. Contact us to find out more about our products or how to find your local distributor.

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