Standard Release Granular Fertilisers for Turf

This range of standard release turf fertilisers has been carefully formulated to cover the range of requirements experienced throughout the growing season.


They consist of perfectly matched and uniform 2-3mm particles, blended together to give an even spinner throw distance.


For use on larger areas cut at 10mm and greater where cost effective applications are required whilst maintaining professional results. 

Velvit granular turf fertiliser supplier wholesale golf course


Size: 2-3mm | Standard release turf fertiliser

14-3-6: Higher nitrogen spring and summer fertiliser containing
readily available nutrients for colour, growth, sward
density and plant health.

Available in 20Kg


Size: 2-3mm | Standard release turf fertiliser

8-4-16 high potassium, lower nitrogen fertiliser, ideal for autumn applications or where a low N input regime is implemented. Added magnesium boosts chlorophyll content and plant health.

Available in 20Kg​


Size: 2-3mm | Standard release turf fertiliser

High phosphate fertiliser, ideal for pre-seed, pre-turf or over-seeding applications. Boosts root development, establishment and disease resistance.

Available in 20Kg

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