Wetting Agents for Turf

Wetting Agents (Wetters) are surfactants. They reduce the surface tension of water, helping it to spread further and 'wet' surfaces. A wetting agent enables the water to penetrate the soil faster, moving it away from the sward and deeper into the rootzone. When used in foliar fertiliser applications they improve liquid contact with the leaf and the take up of nutrients.  


Wetting Agents can improve the ability of soil to retain moisture. With effective use of wetting agents, irrigation may be reduced and sports pitches will can benefit from firmer playing surfaces and more consistent turf.

Dry Patch (water repellent soil) is a common problem of turf, with a number of possible causes.  The most common reason for soils becoming water-repellent (hydrophobic) is through the natural build-up of waxy organic coatings on soil particles (usually through the action of fungal mycelium).


Extended performance turf wetting agent

RESOLUTE Wetting Agent has exceptional longevity and powerful penetrating power, allowing water to move through the soil system more effectively than the majority of other wetting agents on the market.

RESOLUTE provides a highly effective defence against localised dry patch for an extended period.

Designed to provide continuous action over a monthly, or 90-day turf application programme. RESOLUTE is carefully formulated to balance the characteristics of solubility (and ease of wash-out) with biodegradability in order to provide the ideal performance for the turf manager and the soil.
RESOLUTE is a non-ionic wetting agent with a non-scorch and low-foam formulation making it compatible with many other tank-mix additives and a very safe, convenient product to use.
Developed for golf greens and surrounds
A leading defence against localised dry patch
Extended performance time
Non-scorch, safe for turf
Completely biodegradable
Non-ionic for excellent tank compatibility


Tees, Greens, Sports Fields: Recommended application rate 20L/Ha in 300-900L of water

Fairways: Recommended application rate 10-20L/Ha in 300-900L of water

Bowling Greens: Recommended application rate 3L/1500m2 in 60-300L of water

Available in 10L


Wetting agent for turf

BESTWET is a non-ionic wetting agent that has been developed for use on amenity grass, golf greens and tees. It is designed to help prevent the occurrence of localised dry patch (LDP) which prevents healthy grass growth.


BESTWET allows water to move down deeper into the root zone by lowering the interfacial tension between water and other substrates. It also enables water to spread out laterally throughout the soil profile providing maximum stress relief to all plants.
Developed for golf greens, tees and fairways
Helps prevent localised dry patch
Effective longevity in soil
Non-scorch, safe for turf
Completely biodegradable
Non-ionic for excellent tank compatibility


Application (monthly programme):

Initial application: 20-40L/Ha in 400-800L of water. Subsequent applications 10-20L/Ha


Available in:


10L Liquid

3Kg Irrigation Tank Soluble Tablet

Hose-end Tablet (90x64mm cylinder tablet)


Large area turf wetting agent

Horizon is a cost-effective wetting agent and powerful penetrant that will promote even wetting and reduced water consumption over large areas. It provides a residual wetting ability for sustained benefits after application.


A monthly application programme is recommended over the growing season.


Use HORIZON before, during and after the occurrence of problems, to provide protection, conditioning and stress relieving benefits.


HORIZON can be used in a tank mix to improve the distribution and efficacy of fertiliser and other treatments. Always conduct a test-mix before use.

Application: 10L/Ha in 200-450L/Ha of water.

Available in 10L


Organic wetting agent for turf

Yucca is an ideal alternative to synthetic surfactants, wetting agents and soil penetrants that is completely nonphytotoxic to turfgrass and plants, even when used in hot weather.  

Add to tank mixes or fertigation systems to enhance water and nutrient uptake, and improve pesticide performance.


YUCCA also has biostimulant properties which can increase biological activity in the soil and stimulate plant growth and development. YUCCA is particularly useful as preventative and aid in recovery for stressful periods such as temperature extremes and drought. It can also aid seeding and establishment.


  • A safe, natural alternative to synthetic surfactants.

  • Nonphytotoxic – won’t burn or discolour foliage.

  • Increases root growth and nutrient absorption.

  • Improves water uptake and drought resistance.

  • Reduces foliage wilting in hot dry weather.

  • Completely biodegradable – stimulates micro-flora.

  • Cleans and lubricates spray and irrigation equipment


Application (monthly programme):

Initial application: 18-30L/Ha in 500-1000L of water. Subsequent applications 18-30L/Ha

Available in 10L

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